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One of the most lucrative roles in the financial sector is that of an Investment Banker. Investment bankers work with corporations and government agencies to raise capital, advise on mergers and acquisitions, and manage financial assets. 26292 $100000 Finance jobs available on Apply to Controller, Finance Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and more.

The position often involves rigorous analysis, strategic structuring of deals, and a strong understanding of market trends. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for finance jobs that pay over 100k, the median pay for top executives, including investment bankers, was $185,950 in 2020.

However, with bonuses and profit-sharing, many investment bankers earn well into the six-figure range, making it a highly sought-after role in the finance industry.


In the world of finance, numerous career paths offer substantial earning potential, with many jobs providing salaries well over $100,000 annually.

This comprehensive guide explores various high-paying finance jobs, highlighting their respective roles, requirements, and earning potential.

Understanding these opportunities can help individuals aspiring for a lucrative career in finance make informed choices.

Finance Jobs That Pay Over 100k

Investment Banking

Investment banking is among the top echelons of careers in the finance industry. The role of an investment banker is primarily to assist corporations, institutions, and governments in raising capital. They advise clients on a wide range of issues, including mergers and acquisitions, finance jobs that pay over 100k underwriting, and other financial transactions.

Investment bankers are also involved in rigorous financial analysis, making strategic decisions, and staying abreast of market trends. The job typically requires long hours and high pressure but is correspondingly rewarded with high remuneration.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, investment bankers fall under the category of securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents and earned a median annual wage of $62,270 in 2020. However, the pay can be much higher depending on the level of seniority and location, often surpassing the $100,000 mark.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Investment bankers facilitate financial transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising for organizations. They advise clients on financial strategies and market conditions.

Earning Potential

  • Investment banking analysts can earn starting salaries exceeding $100,000, with bonuses and higher positions potentially yielding several times that amount.
Finance Jobs That Pay Over 100k

Private Equity Professional

Private equity professionals manage funds that invest directly in private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies. Their role involves sourcing deal opportunities, financing jobs that pay over 100k, conducting detailed financial analysis, and managing portfolio companies.

It’s a highly competitive field, often requiring long hours but offering substantial financial rewards. Professionals typically enter the field after gaining experience in investment banking, consulting, or corporate development.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Private equity professionals manage and invest funds in private companies. They analyze investment opportunities, negotiate deals, and work on improving the performance of portfolio companies.

Earning Potential

  • Private equity professionals, including analysts and associates, can earn substantial salaries and performance-based bonuses, often surpassing the $100,000 mark.

Hedge Fund Manager

Role and Responsibilities

  • Hedge fund managers oversee investment portfolios, make trading decisions, and manage risk for their clients or the fund itself. They aim to generate significant returns on investments.

Earning Potential

  • Hedge fund managers have high earning potential, with successful ones earning millions of dollars annually. Even entry-level roles can provide salaries exceeding $100,000.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Role and Responsibilities

  • CFOs are responsible for overseeing a company’s financial activities, financial planning, and financial reporting. They provide strategic financial direction to the organization.

Earning Potential

  • CFOs typically earn substantial salaries and bonuses, often reaching well into the six-figure range and beyond.

Financial Manager

Role and Responsibilities

  • Financial managers oversee an organization’s financial health, create financial reports, and develop strategies for long-term financial goals.

Earning Potential

Financial managers often reap a lucrative salary, with median earnings well over the $100,000 range.

Their compensation is commensurate with their critical role in strategic planning, directing investments, and coordinating budgeting processes.

For top-performing individuals in large corporations, the earnings can even reach into the high six-figure or seven-figure range.


Role and Responsibilities

  • Actuaries assess risks, especially in insurance and finance. They use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events.

Earning Potential

  • Actuaries often command high salaries, especially as they gain experience and expertise. Many actuaries earn well over $100,000 annually.

Management Consultant

Role and Responsibilities

  • Management consultants provide advice to businesses on strategies to improve performance, efficiency, and profitability. They analyze the company’s operations and suggest improvements.

Earning Potential

  • Management consultants, especially those with specialized expertise, can earn substantial salaries and consulting fees, often exceeding $100,000.

Financial Analyst

Role and Responsibilities

  • Financial analysts evaluate financial data, trends, and investment opportunities to provide recommendations for individuals or organizations to make informed financial decisions.

Earning Potential

  • Financial analysts, especially in larger financial firms or with several years of experience, can earn salaries surpassing $100,000, including bonuses.

Real Estate Developer

Role and Responsibilities

  • Real estate developers identify, acquire, and develop properties. They manage projects, negotiate deals, and conduct financial analyses to ensure profitable ventures.

Earning Potential

  • Successful real estate developers can earn substantial profits from successful property ventures, exceeding $100,000 annually.

Commercial Banking Manager

Role and Responsibilities

  • Commercial banking managers oversee the operations of a commercial bank branch, manage staff, and ensure the branch meets its financial goals.

Earning Potential

  • Banking managers, particularly those leading successful branches or larger operations, can earn salaries well above $100,000.

Software Engineer

Role and Responsibilities

  • Software engineers design, develop, and maintain software systems using principles of computer science.
  • They work on a variety of projects ranging from systems that run devices and networks to applications for specific purposes.

Earning Potential

  • Software engineers, particularly those with expertise in in-demand languages or technologies, can earn substantial salaries.
  • The median salary in the U.S. exceeds $100,000, and top earners can make significantly more.

Data Scientist

Role and Responsibilities

  • Data scientists analyze and interpret complex digital data to aid decision-making in businesses.
  • They employ tools and statistical methods to mine data, developing algorithms and building models to understand trends and patterns.

Earning Potential

  • Data scientists, given their high demand in various industries, command hefty salaries.
  • The median salary in the U.S. exceeds $110,000, and experienced professionals can earn substantially more.


The finance industry offers a plethora of high-paying career opportunities, with salaries often exceeding $100,000. From investment banking to financial analysis and real estate development, finance jobs that pay over 100k professionals in finance have the chance to achieve substantial earnings while contributing to the financial success of organizations and individuals. Aspiring finance professionals can explore these lucrative career paths and tailor their education and skills to capitalize on these rewarding opportunities.


Is a financial analyst a good job?

Yes, a financial analyst is a good job for individuals with a keen interest in financial markets and investment strategies. It offers a healthy salary, ample opportunities for growth, and the chance to influence business decisions.

However, it can be demanding, requiring strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure. A career as a financial analyst can be rewarding for those who enjoy problem-solving and strategic planning.

What is the hardest finance job to get?

The hardest finance roles to secure are typically those in investment banking and hedge fund management. These positions require extensive knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of success.

Breaking into these sectors often requires a combination of robust education, impressive internships, and strong networking skills.

Which finance roles pay the most?

Investment banking roles, particularly at the executive level, are among the highest paying in the finance industry. Hedge fund managers, private equity professionals, finance jobs that pay over 100k, and high-ranking positions in commercial banking also offer impressive salaries.

However, compensation in finance roles can vary widely based on experience, location, and the specific sector of the industry.

What is the highest-paying finance job in Canada?

In Canada, the highest-paying finance job is typically an Investment Banker, particularly at the executive level.

Other lucrative roles include Hedge Fund Manager and Private Equity Professional. However, like elsewhere, remuneration varies based on experience, location, finance jobs that pay over 100k, and the specific sector within the finance industry.

It’s essential for professionals to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge to maximize their earning potential.

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